Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & BridgesIf your smile is damaged, decayed, or missing teeth, it can do more than just hurt your self-confidence. A smile that’s incomplete or that leaves you not wanting to smile can also have greater susceptibility to other oral health issues such as more advanced stages of tooth decay, gum disease, bone loss, and difficulty speaking or eating. With restorative dentistry our cosmetic dentists will give you back the beautiful smile that you thought you had lost. Using state-of-the-art tooth restoration treatments such as dental crowns and bridges, our dentists have been helping patients from Venice, FL and the surrounding communities to rebuild their smiles. To learn more about how crowns and bridges through cosmetic dentistry can give you a bright and healthy smile no matter how decayed or damaged they are, check out the information below.

Why Would I Need A Dental Crown Or Bridge?

When you have a tooth that is decayed or damaged, your dentist will either need to clear away the decayed area to prevent it from spreading, or grind down the tooth to preserve a stable, healthy foundation. Unfortunately, that tooth will no longer be able to provide you with the same functionality and usefulness after it’s been grounded. Thankfully, our cosmetic dentists can use tooth replacements like crowns or bridges to restore that functionality. Missing teeth can also lead to an increased risk of remaining teeth moving over to occupy the vacant space in your gums. In turn, this could lead to more gaps developing between the rest of your teeth. This makes it easier for bacteria to build up in between your teeth and increases your risk of decay. Our cosmetic dentists in our Venice, FL office can place crowns and bridges to fill this space to prevent your teeth from moving in the first place.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a custom-made cap that replicates the look and feel of your natural tooth. It is placed over the damaged or decayed tooth to completely cover it up. The crown can be made from a variety of materials including metal, porcelain-pressed (or fused) to metal, or all-porcelain. Our cosmetic dentists keep the crown held in place by attaching it to the remaining healthy foundation of your tooth or a dental implant. Once in place, the crown will function just like your normal tooth. You will be able to eat with it, brush and floss it, and treat it the same way you treat your natural teeth. Since the crown seals off your remaining healthy tooth, it will protect it from further decay by keeping bacteria out. If our dentists use the crown to replace a missing tooth, it will also help ensure that your other healthy teeth don’t start to shift into the open space in your gums, keeping your smile properly aligned. Here at the Venice, FL office of Drs. Holbrook & Horak, our dentists design, fit, and place your crown over the course of two different appointments to ensure that your crown looks perfect and feels as comfortable as possible. With proper care, your dental crown can last a lifetime.


Dental bridges are a very effective solution for covering up a gap caused by lost teeth. Bridges restore the smile to its full function and look, while preventing your teeth from shifting into that open space. Dental bridges also help maintain the overall structure of your face since missing teeth can lead to gum recession and bone loss in your jaw, which can then lead to sagging skin around the mouth or lips. Our cosmetic dentists want to make sure that this is prevented.

A dental bridge is made up of three main components: the main prosthetic tooth or teeth that bridges the gap between the teeth, and the two crowns that go on top of healthy teeth on either side of the gap to function as anchors for the rest of the bridge. Once our dentists place your bridge, you should still brush and floss your teeth as you would normally to prevent the buildup of bacteria, since it can still cause gum disease and infection around the bridge. It is recommended that you also schedule regular appointments here at our office in Venice, FL for dental cleanings and checkups at least twice per year so your dentist can ensure that your smile stays healthy.

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For any questions about how dental crowns or bridges can help restore your smile, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with us to get started with rebuilding your smile, contact us at the dental office of Drs. Holbrook & Horak. You can also fill out our online appointment request form, and a member of our staff will reach out to you to find the perfect time for your first visit with our dentists. For years, we’ve been building brighter, healthier smiles throughout the Venice, FL community. We’re thrilled to provide you with the high quality dental care that our practice is known for. We look forward to making your smile feel complete again!

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